Guilty of Facebook

by Kathy Cragin

Ya know what? There are a plenty of naysayers out there who are laying on the guilt trips about social media pretty heavy. And maybe there are somesocial-networkingwho need the reminder to put down the phone or iPad or whatever is distracting you from life. I’ll admit that there are times when I allow my social devices to distract. Usually when I need a break from the craziness of life!!

But for the most part, I have benefited greatly from Facebook and Instagram, texting, and whatever social media I am using. For many reasons! So I won’t apologize or feel guilty for having them as a part of my life.

I’m not a phone talker. Never have been. In high school, I never ran to the phone to answer it. I still don’t. Just ask my husband. He commutes for over an hour and calls me nearly everyday to tell me he’s on his way home. He knows about 10 minutes into the conversation that I’m probably not going to hold much of the conversation so we hang up. However, face to face, conversation is almost all mine…poor guy. (So if you want to talk on the phone, be prepared to handle most of the conversation….just sayin.)

That being said, I’ll carry on a texting conversation pretty much all day, maneuvering around distractions (like homeschooling and teaching piano lessons- *giggle*…”distractions” .) That is just how I work. So now I have a way to connect, a way that works for me.

And Facebook keeps me in contact with friends and family. It keeps me in contact with new friends. It reunites me with old friends. I know it’s easy to get caught up in political differences and the like, but I usually ignore that stuff and pay attention to what’s really going on in a person’s life. It’s easy to scroll past the stuff that bugs you to find the stuff that’s important.

This week just confirmed the value of all this for me once again. As our family faced another tragedy, the texts poured in, the comments lifted me up, the messages brought tears to my eyes. Your words buoyed me. I can’t thank each of you enough for praying, for thinking of me and the ones I care for so deeply. Goodness, you all blessed me so much this past week. I felt so loved.

So you won’t catch me laying on the guilt about social media. The blessings have outweighed the negatives by far.

So happy facebooking and instagramming and texting and such today! I hope it all brings you blessings. And if it doesn’t, text me. I’ll figure out a way to bless ya!


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