What is Your Plan B?

Recently we’ve had a slew of computers coming in that had issues with a major operating system update. In the past, this has occured from both Apple computers and Windows computers. Most recently it is from a spring Windows update and so far we haven’t seen any similarities in equipment, brands, etc. It just happens to some.

Our question is this: What will you do if your computer tries to do an update and it ends up stopping it from booting up at all?  Do you have backups?  If so, is it a backup of your entire system or just a few files here and there?

Did you know that we offer a low cost backup solution that backs up your entire computer daily, weekly or on whatever schedule you desire?  This backup allows for a quick and easy restoration in case of a digital catastrophy: bad update, crashed hard drive, etc.

For more information on our low cost backup solution please go to this link. Data Backup

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