Cutting the Cords

It is becoming more and more popular to toss your paid subscription to satellite and cable companies and either going back to the antenna or moving to internet based TV.  Some, like meare doingCordCuttingTitleImage both!

I am a self-made expert in this subject since I am one of the many who have jumped ship and cut the cords!…

Time to Change Your Internet?

It is great to have options when it comes to Internet service providers.  Locally our high-speed providers are Charter Cable, Verizon DSL, Clear, Comcast Cable, and AT&T (along with the variousgoogle-img wireless phone carriers that offer mobile broadband).  Each provider offers similar features but a variety of speeds. Most providers give you free email and sometimes they’ll throw in a security package at no extra charge.

An Honest Comparison Between Mac and Windows

I have to confess, I’ve been part of, and even started many “which is better” debates. I’ve been an owner of both types and fix both types as well so I feel that I can give an honest and credible review or comparison of each. Today I want to look at four main categories to compare. Each category is what we typically hear users mention when discussing the pros and cons of each.…

10 Free Apps Every PC Should Have

If you know me well, you know that I’m a big proponent of “free”.  Over the years, I’ve spent hours and hours scouring the web finding free software for just about every need.  From bookkeepingsoftware on computer software to super powerful digital image editing, it is out there…and FREE!

Here is my list of MUST HAVE software for your computer!…