What Would You Do?

What Would You Do? - Securing your data

Most of us know someone who has been affected by the forest fires recently. Many people have been evacuated, just Hosue Fireto be safe, and many have sadly lost their homes.

I remember when my aunt, uncle and cousins lost their home to a fire and what they missed the most from the devastation: family photos.

Most people do not have time to collect their albums when fire strikes. But I’ve heard that many of the evacuees did have that chance to pack as many items as they could fit in their vehicles before heading out. What would you grab if you were in this situation? Would you grab your photos? Would you grab your most important documents?

I was thinking about this very question and realized that most of our photos and important documents are on our computer. Thankfully, if I didn’t have time to grab our computer, I know where I have it backed up to as well. Do you?

I can never write enough about how important it is to have a valid backup… and sometimes two!  Redundancy is key. Many people have a backup they keep at home. If fire strikes, that leaves both sets of files in flames.

Here at Heida Computers, we are reminded almost daily that many people just don’t back up their important information. It is either no backup, or they think they do one, but the backup isn’t working properly. Please take a moment to think about and plan your backup solution. If you need help to game-plan, please give us a call. Hardware failure is the most common way to lose important information, but theft and fire happen more than we think.

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