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Chelene Nightingale: “The People’s Campaign”


By Ron Walker

Anyone who claims that California gubernatorial candidate Chelene Nightingale is shy, reserved or afraid to say what is on her mind has obviously never heard her speak.  She has been called everything from crazy to “ahead of her time”, but there are two things she can’t be accurately accused of; being wishy-washy or boring.

While some consider her to be the most controversial gubernatorial candidate, her passionate and straight-forward style seems to make her a crowd pleaser with most of the “callers” who listen to her radio interviews, and she often receives standing ovations and rousing applause at Tea Party rallies. After witnessing this for myself at a recent Tea Party event, I asked Mrs. Nightingale for an interview which was conducted a few days ago.

A strong supporter of states’ rights, individual rights, the second amendment, limited government, middle class workers, and cutting taxes across the board to encourage the free enterprise system to create new More >

Meg Whitman Bails out on Prop 23 and the Border – will Republicans stay home?


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by Aaron F Park

Tom McClintock warned us that Meg Whitman is the third term of Arnold. She appeared to confirm this on the John and Ken show recently.

Don’t take my word for it – listen here.

It appears that Meg Whitman does not care about her Republican base or is she taking it for granted? The best suggestion this blogger can make is for people to call her campaign office and/or email her campaign office and hold her accountable for her weak positions on Key issues.

Quoting Carla Marinucci of the SF Chron:

In the interview, Whitman said “yes” when asked if, as governor, she would layoff 40,000 state workers, admitted she was still undecided, but unlikely to support Prop. 23 on the November ballot, and strongly defended her immigration policies.

Then This:

Whitman — who has been sharply critical of the state’s climate change bill AB32 as a “job killer — said that “in all likelihood,” she will vote against Prop. 23. That More >

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