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Compare California's Gubernatorial Candidates


Thanks to Beverly for doing the research on this.  A lot of people think that Meg and Jerry are different because they belong to different parties.  You may be surprised.  Check out the chart linked below.

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RTA's Picks for the 2010 General Election


The Right Thinking American’s picks for the 2010 General Election

Each election we come up with our “picks” for who should represent us in our Federal, State and Local governments (Primarily the San Joaquin County area).  Our criteria is pretty simple and does not follow party lines.

Here is the basic criteria although it is not limited to this.

  1. Are you Pro-Life?
  2. Do you believe the 2nd Amendment applies to individuals?  If so, should there be limitations?
  3. Are you running for the district in which you reside?

California State Offices

Governor – Chelene Nightingale Lt. Governor – Karen England (write in) Secretary of State – Damon Dunn Controller – Tony Strickland Treasurer – Mimi Walters Attorney General – Steve Cooley Insurance Commissioner – Clay Pedersen Superintendent of Public Instruction – Diane Lenning (write in) State Board of Equalization District 2 – George Runner

United States Congressional Races

U.S. Senator – Carly Fiorina U.S. Congress 7 – Rick Tubbs U.S. Congress 8 – More >

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